HOW TO GET RID OF TAROT CARDS SAFELY ~ 7 Meaningful Ways To Dispose Of Your Tarot Cards

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Since their creation, Tarot cards have been surrounded by an aura of mystery. While some consider them a sacred instrument charged with magical energy, others simply see them as a tool, a piece of printed cardboard where the one who carries the magic power is the tarot reader.

That is why, when deciding how to get rid of Tarot cards safely, it is difficult to find an agreement.

Some simply throw their unwanted Tarot cards in the trash. For others, it feels wrong, or like it’s bad energy, to just toss them in the garbage. Many fear that their energy will somehow get attached to the cards and that their fate will influence their lives in the future.

Others fear that if they get rid of their Tarot cards in an inappropriate way, they will be punished with bad luck or bad energy in their lives.

It is then that the question arises: is there a right way to properly get rid of tarot cards? 

How To Get Rid Of Tarot Cards Safely

So, is there a right way to properly get rid of tarot cards? The short answer is no. There isn’t because most of the fears about safely getting rid of tarot cards are based on the assumption that something is intrinsically supernatural about the cards.

And that is what the Tarot readers cannot agree: some believe that the cards are the possessors of magic, while others think it is the Tarot reader who possesses the magic powers.

It all comes down to what you believe.

Get rid of Tarot cards however your conscious deems appropriate. Whatever your intuition says is right will be right.

In my case, I believe a bit of both. I do not doubt that we Tarot readers possess most of the energy and magic. But I also think that the Tarot cards are sacred tools and ought not to be handled carelessly.

To sum up, if you want to get rid of your Tarot cards safely, the best thing you can do is follow your intuition and do what your conscience tells you.

And to help you choose which one is the most appropriate, here are meaningful ways to dispose of tarot cards

7 Meaningful Ways To Dispose Of Tarot Cards

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If you are looking for how to properly dispose of tarot cards, I’m sure you will find it on this list.

This is a comprehensive compilation of the methods used by tarot readers and Tarot apprentices around the world to get rid of Tarot cards.

Read all the options, and then choose the one you feel is the most appropriate and respectful way to get rid of Tarot cards.

#1. Burn them

The idea behind burning your Tarot cards is that of purification and release of energy.

Fire is the most purifying element in nature, more even than water, so it is often a favorite in cleansing and purification rituals.

And it doesn’t matter where or how you make the fire. You can burn your Tarot cards in a fire ring of stones or a brazier. Or even in a fireplace or barbeque.

If you have a safe place in nature to do it, you can even build a pyre for them and burn them while saying a small prayer or eulogy and burn some incense.

Or if you live in an apartment in the city, simply burning your Tarot cards in a cauldron or barbecue on the balcony would be appropriate too. More than the method, the most important thing is your energy and intention.

#2. Bury them

If you want to get rid of your Tarot cards by returning them to the earth, burying them is one of the best ways.

All you have to do is find a site to your liking, wrap them in a scarf or piece of silk, and bury them.

And don’t worry about energy, because the earth absorbs and cleans all energies!

#3. Give them away

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This is one of my favorite ways to get rid of Tarot decks! As long as the cards are in good condition, I love giving away those that I no longer want.

Here are some ideas on how to give away your Tarot cards:

  • giving it to a friend who is interested in Tarot or divination
  • leave the whole deck somewhere public, like in a coffee shop, the subway, in a park
  • leave the cards one at a time in interesting places: in a hotel Bible, in a library book, in a park bench, on the bus or subway seats
  • give it to someone starting to learn Tarot and who cannot afford a new deck
  • give it to charity or goodwill
  • carry them around with you and show them to different people until someone offer to take them off of your hands

If you are one of those who believe that Tarot cards are better when they are a gift, I bet you will love this idea!

#4. Sell them

Some people are afraid to sell their Tarot decks. Some think that accepting money in exchange for their Tarot cards can bring them bad luck. Others feel that their energy can get attached to that of the new owner.

Of course, it all depends on your beliefs and philosophy. Personally, I don’t believe any of those thoughts are valid.

I have bought and sold Tarot cards for years now and have never had any problems in my personal experience.

If this issue worries you, take a look at the end of this post, to the most important thing you should do to get rid of Tarot cards safely.

On the other hand, if you decided to sell your Tarot cards, here are some ideas:

  • list them on eBay or one of the other auction sites
  • list them on Facebook Marketplace
  • take them to a second-hand book shop
  • post them for sale in online forums and communities of Tarot readers and collectors 
  • post them for sale in Tarot Facebook groups

#5. Trade them

If the idea of selling your Tarot cards doesn’t appeal to you, but you still want to get something in exchange for them, trading them may be a good option.

You can trade your Tarot cards off for the price of the postage. Or you can make a real exchange with someone interested in selling or exchanging their Tarot deck.

#6. Repurpose them

Spiritual altar with a ceramic turtle, gemstons and crystals, inciense, lavender, a small broom and a Tarot card, with the caption: "Find a place for your old Tarot cards in your altar"

Here you have another great idea to get rid of your Tarot cards in a meaningful way. And although these are just a few, they can serve as inspiration for more creative ideas!

  • use them in spells that call for Tarot cards
  • use them along with any other kind of energy work (meditations, visualizations, altars, etc.)
  • save them for making art
  • give them to someone who makes art
  • use them as bookmarks
  • make talismans, pendants, or mobiles out of pieces of them
  • use them for making a collage or vision board

#7. Recycle them

If you feel more confident in destroying your Tarot cards and have an ecological conscience, this is probably the best option for you.

Putting your Tarot cards in the recycle bin accomplishes two things. First, it is good for the environment. Second, the cards and their energy are going to a good place, the earth (via the landfill), which is a good thing.

Now that you know all the options to dispose of your Tarot cards safely, there is one essential thing left to do.

The Most Important Thing You Should Do To Get Rid Of Tarot Cards Safely 

Gemstones, crystals a feather, sage leaves and a burning smudge stick in a golden pot, with the caption: "Cleanse your Tarot cards before getting rid of them"

Whether you think the cards are charged with your energy or not, to be on the safe side, the best thing you can do before getting rid of them is to CLEANSE them.

A practical and easy way to cleanse your cards is smudging them with Palo Santo, sage, or incense. And if you have time, you can also wrap them in a black cloth, put them in a box, and wait until more of the energy has dissipated.

Keep in mind that you can skip this step or take it lightly if you plan on burning or burying them. Fire and earth will take charge of dispersing and cleansing the energy.


As I said in the beginning, there is no right or wrong way to get rid of your Tarot cards.

It all depends on your beliefs and what you feel is appropriate for you. Therefore, the safest way to get rid of Tarot cards is to do it in a meaningful way to you.

Some of the options you have are:

  • Burning them
  • Burying them
  • Giving them away
  • Selling them
  • Repurposing them
  • Recycling them

Of all these ways to get rid of Tarot cards, which one did you like the most? Do you have any other different methods? Please share it in the comments! 

And if the reason you want to get rid of them is because you don’t believe in them, here you can find out if Tarot cards really work!

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